it’s official, the blog is now closed. i won’t delete it because the links are handy. but if you’re curious, here’s a list of reasons:

1. it’s not worth it.

2. i’m too laz


norman rockwell – easter morning

normon rockwell

he really is very good.

beats the drawings i did today on the interactive whiteboard for science:

shut up, i couldn't see the board because the sun was shining on it. normally i'm not that bad. they all knew what i was talking about anyway.

i cannot believe these went into the comments spam box. why?

hey, 3 is better than nothin.

all the submitters emails are wonderful. my favourite is the top from deshawn cuevas though. classic deshawn.

can’t wait for season 3.

dan harmon talks (a loooooooot) in his ama. seems to be drunkish for a some of it, but it adds to his charm.

what he says about glee is fucking hilarious. and no lazy bones, i won't link directly to it.

making money.

fileserve, easy share, bit share, freak share, oron, filesonic, rapidshare...

i’ve noticed a pattern on rlslog over the last few weeks. it’s not just releaselog, it’s happening all over scene sites. people are moving away from linking torrents to linking to direct download sites. instead of a peer to peer network you visit a website and enter a captcha, wait few seconds and download the whole file directly to your computer.

how bittorrent works – a bunch of people share all of, or part of a file (known as seeds) and others take all or a part of it they need (known as leeches). it’s worked well for years but as you’ve noticed (and i’ve linked) crackdowns are happening all over the shop.

people are cashing in.

time was when the comments section of rlslog was just that – comments. people talking shit about whatever movie/tv show/release got posted or comments on quality of picture. now it’s all links to files hosted by the poster. why? because they get paid every time a file is downloaded. i should clarify, they get paid everytime their file is downloaded. thats a generalisation because each site offers ‘uploaders’ different pricing plans depending on a) how much data gets downloaded and b) where that data is going to. you get more money from an american downloading than say, an indian guy. it’s all to do with page clicks and advertising for the hosting website.

for example. sploogeserve (owned by you) allows people to upload files to your website (server). servers cost money and you want to make some income too. so you offer people incentives to upload to you rather than anyone else. soon, you’re running out of space, and want that shiny new cat for your house so you reach out to advertisers (like every websites does, including facebook) and say “bro, check out my stats, i get 1000 hits a month” and they say “1000 hits? we’ll pay you $3 a day to put our advert on your site. you think “shit, all this work for $3?” i need more hits. so you offer another bump/incentive. it goes on and on.

a typical pricing plan is this:

doesn't matter which, although this offers more money (simply to attract people)

so per 1000 downloads of your file, perhaps an mp3 for example (usually 1mb per minute so normal songs around 5mb-ish) would net you $4.00 if all of those 1000 people were from a category a country:

at least we're a. suck it france.

which is the main reason for this post really. when edthebear was in singapore i thought since rlslog started uploading copies of magazines/ebooks i could email them over to keep him busy. not so fast. looking at the file sizes for say, iphone magazine april 2011 – it’s a pdf file, they all are – it’s 110mb. it’s a hundred and something pages of bullshit and pictures.  but when you scan it at an incredibly high resolution, that’s a bigger file size, and earns you more money.

magazines are one thing. say you had a good dvdrip of a new film. say avatar, which was downloaded over 16m times via torrent > via file sharing but the number is in the hundreds of thousands. you’ve just made $3200 for about 10mins work and a couple of days waiting. games are where the big money is because the file sizes are way bigger than a movie. e.g. a new game can be 15x bigger than a dvdrip. you do the math.

anyway, it’s interesting stuff.

they’ve shut down seti. i feel like crying.

they lost government funding. it only costs $5m for two fucking years.

just the fact that we were looking gave me hope for humanity. that we were looking outside of our own arseholes to wonder at the universe, and imagine what if?

the fact that it costs a measly few million to fund should matter even more. considering in “october 28, 2009, the final size of the department of defense’s budget was $680 billion”. 650 billion divided by 5 million is 130,000. that’s 65,000 years of research. not including interest.

the entire cost of the apollo program (from “hey let’s go into space” to “eagle, shit i just landed on the motherfucking moon”) ,adjusted to 2005 dollars, would approximate to $135 billion. big sigh.

from bob dixon:

mankind must always explore the unknown and push the frontiers of knowledge. without new quests, we lose an important part of being human, and our society starts to decay.

the chances of seti finding anything are pretty much zero. i’ve always known this. i’ve read enough sciencey sci-fi to consider the numbers involved. it was never the point. like neil de grasse tyson says: “if we can’t communicate with lower order species here on earth that we know about, maybe aliens can’t communicate with us for the same reason.”

still sucks though. fingers crossed for google/gates/whoever to pick up the bill.

westboro baptists get pwned.


the important bits about a recent solider’s funeral (killed on his 5th tour of afghanistan):

a couple of days before, one of [the westboro baptists] ran his mouth at a brandon gas station and got his ass waxed. when they canvassed the station and spoke to the large crowd that had gathered around, no one seemed to remember anything about what had happened.

most of the morons never made it out of their hotel parking lot. it seems that certain rankin county pickup trucks were parked directly behind any car that had kansas plates in the hotel parking lot and the drivers mysteriously disappeared until after the funeral was over.

a few made it to the funeral but were ushered away to be questioned about a crime they might have possibly been involved in. turns out, after a few hours of questioning, that they were not involved and they were allowed to go on about their business.